IInAppMessageView is the base view interface for all in-app messages.



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Variable to prevent WindowInsetsCompat from getting applied multiple times on the same in-app message view.

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abstract val messageClickableView: View?

Gets the clickable portion of the in-app message so that Braze can add click listeners to it.


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Called when the WindowInsetsCompat information should be applied to this in-app message. WindowInsetsCompat will typically only be applied on notched devices and on Activities displaying inside the screen cutout area. Implementations of this method are expected to modify any necessary margins to ensure compatibility with the argument notch dimensions. For example, full screen in-app messages should have their close buttons moved to not be obscured by the status bar, slideups should not render behind the notch, and modal in-app messages will have no changes since they do not render in the cutout area. The screen has a notch if WindowInsetsCompat.getDisplayCutout is non-null. The system window insets (e.g. WindowInsetsCompat.getSystemWindowInsetTop will be present if the status bar is translucent or the status/navigation bars are otherwise non-occluding of the root Activity content.